Friday, September 6, 2013

Twenty Questions with a Pre-teen

So I saw a questionnaire online that was actually created for little kids, but because Pinterest (or frankly the internet) didn't exist in my world when my kids were little I thought I'd do it with them now.  Then when they are like 25 they can look back and laugh and laugh and laugh at the shitty music they thought was awesome.

I started with Roan because well...he was within my reach.  But I plan to nail Gage with the same questions.  I'm curious if they will have similar answers or if they are completely different.  It's kind of fun getting to know my kids better in a not so intrusive way. 

A conversation with the Roaner (12 years old)    

My favourite food is:  PEROGIES!  You know that already!

My favourite sport to play is:   Soccer is...oh wait actually it's basketball.

The best show on television is:  I don't know...there are a couple.  Uhm...  I'm just gonna say Life With Boys.  It's a show that I like.  Or Mythbusters.  Or American Horror Story.

The coolest person on Earth is:  No clue!  The coolest person in my world is Ryan Williams; AKA "R. Willy".  He's a professional scooter guy.

My favourite thing to learn about in school is:  Space.

The thing I do the most awesomely is:  Oh my God, that's such a hard question, why did you ask that?  I guess I ride my scooter pretty awesomely?

If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to:  British Columbia

My favourite colour is:  Green

When I get older, I'm going to become a:  No clue clue!

My current favourite song is:  Simple Man      

The band I am loving right now is:  Shine Down

Three words to describe me are:  Funny, Short and Slick

When I was little, I used to:  eat sand and dry cat food.

My favourite season of the year is:  Summer

The absolute best thing about camping is:  finding cool things.

The snack I like the best is:  Freezies

One food I really dislike is:  Mushrooms

My best friend is:  Josh

If I had one wish it would be:  My Grandpa would be alive.

My best memory is:  That's a really hard one.  Disney World is a good one!

Do you have anything you want to say or add?  Come on Mom!  I have to go to the bathroom.  How long is this stupid thing???  Come on...  Is this done?!  Can I go to the bathroom now?  

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