Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beating A Face

I'm completely addicted to learning about alternative lifestyles.  No, I'm not gay, but who knows who you are going to be attracted to or fall in love with?  If you have an open mind about things it could be someone from either sex or even transgendered, in my opinion.  I think people get so hung up on being straight or gay that they limit themselves to so many amazing people out there in the world .

My tolerance for the human race is becoming a smaller and smaller window with each passing day.  It still amazes me that people are so close minded and yet so opinionated about what other people do in their private lives.  If it's none of my business and doesn't affect me in a negative way then I should keep my opinion to myself, except that my opinion on the LGBT Community is positive, so that makes it totally okay to share my opinion, right?   I like one way streets.

So I'm completely addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race 'reality' show where contestants compete in their drag queen persona's for a chance of being crowned America's Drag Superstar or something along those lines and 100 grand and make up for life and a trip and stuff like that.  I love every single thing about this show.  I love seeing them as gay men in the days leading up to the actual elimination night and then I love seeing them in all their glory in drag.  I love watching them put on make up (AKA:  Beating a face) and do shadowing and contouring.  I love how bloody catty they are.  They have the female side of the human race completely beat with the skill to 'schoo'l.  I love all of their lingo and catch phrases.  I just love how they have the ability to transform into a different gender rather flawlessly.  I know it takes mad skill and the art of television editing makes it appear easy, but I know it's an acquired art form overall.

There have been numerous seasons now and I have some favourites I've acquired along the way.   A few months ago, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a photographer (can't for the life of me remember his name) who did stills of several different drag queens and some of them happened to have appeared on Drag Race, so I snatched three of them up.  I'm going to frame them and hang them in my rec room (or living room - not sure yet) when we finish redoing it.  The first two goy-eels (girls silly!) are a couple of my absolute favourites.  The last was only okay to me, but I really liked the shot so I got it too...and well interior stylists always suggest grouping things in odd numbers.  So that's what Imma gonna do!  Oh my pretty girls, love them all!



Pandora Boxx


  1. wow didn't know of that one. I might get additcted. At least I'm still addicted to project runway and all those nutty but talented designers...

    1. Oh man, it's so great. There are 6 seasons of it. Check it out!