Friday, July 19, 2013

Roadside Ransacking

The other night we ventured off to Toronto to see a slapped together 'reunion' benefit show of the Kids In The Hall.  If you don't know who the Kids in the Hall are you should check them out on Youtube.  I truly don't think you'll be disappointed.  But basically they are a Canadian sketch comedy group formed in 1984, consisting of comedians Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson (my personal favourite, though it is hard to pick one).  Their TV show ran from 1988-1995.  They basically played all the main roles themselves even if they were playing women. great.

Anywho, back to the post at hand.  Following the show on our way home as we neared our house we drove (slowly I might add) past another house with a ton of 'junk' piled at the curb waiting for pick up the following morning. Since Pinterest entered my life I find it difficult to casually drive past these piles without wanting to look.  This was a magnificent pile too (the largest I've ever seen), how could my curiosity not be piqued???  In those ruins one treasure simply must lay!   So we got home, grabbed the dog and off we went into the dark night to stalk through someone else's garbage.  An event I'm not terribly fond of performing I might add.
We found not one treasure but four (though one turned out not to be such a hot score, another turned out to be an amazing find)!  We rushed back home to grab the van (thank goodness for stow and go seating) and headed back to claim our finds.  Of course, I made sure to dim all the interior lights to draw less attention to ourselves as we picked through another man's garbage.  We salvaged quite a large seaman's trunk, a smaller version of a seaman's trunk, a white, wicker dresser and a square, wooden table. 

When we lifted up the large trunk to put into the van we noticed it was full of 'stuff'.  It was locked though so we couldn't open in on the spot and I'll be damned if I was standing out there any longer than I had to be to try to open it.  I told Eric to put it in the van, we'd pick the lock when we got home.  No big deal.  We loaded up our other finds and quickly, though limpingly (as I hurt myself during the process - of course!), headed home to excitingly go through this locked container.  

Within three minutes Eric had the lock off and we were getting our hands dirty.  So many little treasures and yet none of them seemed to be related to the next.  Here's a link to pictures of all the crazy stuff we found in the trunk when we opened it.  Click it, it's a pretty neat-o montage.

This gave me a teeny, tiny insight into what it would be like to go through a hoarders house (which I genuinely think I would love to do!) but obviously on a much smaller scale.  The crazy old bag of weed was a fun find!  And the money and hockey cards....oh so many treasures!

What a great, unexpected way to cap off an already decent night!  I love me a good find.

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