Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Movie Star in the Making

I think recently we have gotten the chance to really see some of those benefits of A.D.D. that I keep reading about start to pay off for the Roanster.  One Saturday morning during breakfast at our favourite restaurant, Triple D's, on Saturday there happened to be a film crew out front scoping out future diner location sites.  Roan being the nosy-parker he is slithered his way out of the restaurant to snoop around and watch the proceedings.  As they walked away to shoot the building from another angle, he followed and nosed around (close enough to be obvious but far enough away to not intrude).  Worked to his advantage this time (the freckles and flow in his hair probably helped too) as one of the film company employees gave him her contact information and asked him to have one of his parents (me) contact her about him playing a small role in a movie they are shooting in the Niagara Region in September!

Of course to ease the constant pestering I emailed her as soon as we got home.  I heard back immediately.  She mentioned she was looking to have him play a small role in their diner scene and that she loved his freckles.  She said she'd be in contact with us closer to September but we were also welcome to email her back as the summer comes to a close.  He has officially been added to her list!  I don't think he quite understands what an extra is or how they don't get paid because he's already inquiring how much money he's going to rake in for this.  I keep telling him the experience alone will be priceless.  I'm not sure he's falling for it though.  

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