Thursday, June 6, 2013

The End of the World, No Wait...Oh Yup It's all Over, Oh Wait....Nevermind

Oh man, we had a major crisis in our house 2 weeks ago and we're finally getting over it.  No, don't worry, no one succumbed to any injuries sustained from this particular broken heart, but it was touch and go there for a while.  (I'm not sure me rolling my eyes while I type that is coming through in my writing - I hope so though.)

Roan experienced his first break up as the dumpee.  Needless to say he didn't like it, and was actually worried for a while that he was having a heart attack because he was feeling physical pain in his chest.  I explained that the squeezing, burning sensation was normal to feel when you are sad and that he wouldn't actually die from it.  This intense whimpering and whining went on for about 4 days (3 3/4 too long if you ask me).  During this time he tried to inform me that this pain was as intense as what he felt when my dad passed away (it was about this point that I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him.  Hard.).  Did I mention they had been dating for maybe 4 months and he's TWELVE???  I can assure you my eyes were achy and sore from all the rolling they were doing in those four days, but I tried really, really hard not to diminish his feelings and help him work through his break up grief.  I think he milked it longer than he normally would have because of the extra tender attention he was receiving from us.  Groan.

THANKFULLY, we had booked a night at the Great Wolf Lodge months ago to help Roan celebrate his said 12th birthday with three of his friends and during his night at the GWL he met and fell madly in love with a girl from Milton.  That's right, he's already figured out how to "get over one girl by getting under another".  I swear it's genetic.  This time when the whirlwind romance ended, he was okay with it, because 'what happens at the Great Wolf Lodge, stays at the Great Wolf Lodge, Mom!'.  I kid you not, he said that to me.

But then our little Casanova fell victim to another girl and break up this past week.  Turns out she dumped him because he told her he loved her the very first day they were "dating".  I seriously had to pause for a moment just now to collect myself from the laughter I get every time I hear him tell me that in my head.  (I am officially dreading the high school years.)  After a lengthy and painful conversation about why he shouldn't tell every girl he dates that he loves her right away, he bounced back.  Thank baby Jesus.

Fast forward to this past weekend where he spent two days with another crush of his and added about 40 new grey hairs to her father's head!  On a side note, it's interesting for me to watch a father's reaction to his little girl smitten over a boy, especially because I don't have any girls and at one point I was that small girl with my own panic stricken father.

Any who, it blows my mind how totally different my two boys are when it comes to girls.  Roan can't seem to get enough of them and Gage, while he clearly likes them, likes his independence more and would rather spend time with his buddies without the drama of a girlfriend.  One of these boys takes after me, and the other clearly takes after his father.  I'm afraid.  I'm very afraid.

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