Friday, February 15, 2013

Virtual Valentines

If you're a fan of Arrested Development you'll love these cards I stumbled across on Marisa Seguin's blog that she designed for Valentines Day.  So for the week leading up to Valentine's Day I posted one on Eric's Facebook page daily.  Here are quick snaps of the cards I posted leading up to the actual day holding back one in particular I planned to post on the actual VD. 

So not to be outdone Eric created his own virtual card for me using a couple stock photos he found online and a lovely poem he penned himself.   He's quite talented I will say.  And based on his blog post it turned out to be more difficult than he had imagined. 

So after swooning over those charming words of love I followed up with the final card:

His response, internet world?  "No fucking way."  So we shall continue to live on in sin.  I'm a lucky girl - dodged a bullet there!! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone (for what it's worth).  Love yourself first and then those around you. 

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