Thursday, February 21, 2013

Does this T-shirt Art Make Me Look Fat?

I crafted again!  I know right?  Like whoa.  Crafting Holly has been hibernating for a while, too caught up in the busyness of life as of late.  But this past weekend I felt like I needed to get something accomplished as I was feeling like I was wasting away my time off with absolutely nothing productive.  So I forced myself to make a craft with components I already had on hand.

Side note:  On a daily basis I struggle to find room in Eric's dresser drawers to put his clean clothes away because he has a kajillion t-shirts.  No lie.  He doesn't wear half of them but god forbid he be forced to throw them out or donate them to charity.  I found success a month or so ago and he was able to pull out FOUR shirts.  Yeah, my eyes are rolling.  Huge impact there.  The only reason he was able to come up with four shirts to part with was because I promised to make a craft out of them so he could still see them, touch them, look at them, and love them in all of their nostalgia. 

So t-shirt craft commenced this weekend.  I made wall art out of his t-shirts.  I used a couple of embroidery hoops for two of them.  And some Dollar Store art canvases (only because I was not inclined to build my own wooden frames) for the other two.  I think it should be considered pretty self explanatory on how I got to the end product so I'll save the step by step instructions.  Consider this easy enough to be a first crafting attempt if you should choose to venture down this road.  But keep in mind you will need a staple gun.  Those are all the components necessary to find success in this project.  I promise. 

So he seemed to like the end result.  I will admit I was a tad nervous slicing up his beloved torso-wear because until it's done, there is always the off chance that I might have just ruined the shirts.  But I don't know why I second guess myself.  Now we just need to find a suitable wall to hang them on.  I suppose the shed just won't do. 

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