Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sailing Away

So when I made my list up of things I wanted to do this summer I added garage sailing with Margaret to my list.  More so to spend more time with Margie as I was really and anti-garage sale person.  I went out with Margaret and her mom the first time in July and continued to do so for a few weekends following the initial outing.  I have actually found some really, truly, sweet scores on my adventures.  I should have taken pictures of every garage sale find I have (and maybe I still will)...

The past few weekends I haven't made it to Welland but I did try to go garage sailing one weekend with Roan.  Eric decided to join us.  I scored a couple sweet things for my nephew Sebastian and then Roan proceeded to barf all over himself.  So after making him sit in his puke (he volunteered, I'm not that terrible of a mom) while I hit a couple more sales enroute home we cut the morning short.

BUT, let me tell you about this morning's trip!  It's the absolute best one yet.  And it was totally spontaneous.  We've had my friend Tess here for the weekend with her three boys.  We decided since the boys wake up super early anyway we might as well hit this garage sale we saw advertised earlier in the day.  It was promising to be BIG.

Her one son Hank did not want to go with us.  He wanted to go to Walmart and buy a HALO toy.  I said maybe they'll have HALO toys at a garage sale (knowing I've yet to come across one in my travels) and he said not likely.  I did agree and say he's probably right, but you just never know....

So the first sale we hit I stumble across a sweet wooden antique sled/toboggan that would be lovely for our nephew Felix (and when he's done with it and they give it back to me it will make an awesome planter box), and an amazing wooden naked woman nut cracker for Eric.  I walk over the the neighbours as they too had a sale on and immediately spot a HALO toy (not even out of the box!).  I call Hank over and he's crazy stoked.  Then I notice they have a BBQ marked Free at their sale and inquire if it works as mine just shit the bed three days ago.  It does and I lay claim to it.  We then move on to another sale and Roan walks away with three light sabres and I spot a four drawer filing cabinet that would be perfect for work for $5.00.  I call work and make arrangements for them to come retrieve it and carry on our way.

We got the BBQ hooked up and my broken one out to the curb.  Came home from a day playing tourist to find my old one gone from my lawn and sparked up the 'new' one and it works like a charm.  Much better than my old one ever did!!! 

I'm so crazy excited about my finds today.  Less than $20. spent on everything.  Can't beat that!!!

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