Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Who's Driving My Car?

Sometimes when I'm going about the routine, mundane, everyday stuff like driving home I change up my route at the very last minute.  I don't have obvious plans in my head to alter my route, sometimes I'm just sitting at a red light when the urge to turn left comes over me, rather than going straight.

But then once I make the turn a ridiculous thought pops into head almost immediately. Did I just turn into my pending death? Like is a truck going to come around this bend and take me out, head on, when I wasn't even supposed to be on this road?? OR did I just evade my pending death? Like had I gone straight would someone have crossed the centre line and crashed into me?? These are the things I think about all the way until I turn my car into my driveway. 

I think these things, yet I can't resist the urge when it strikes me. Sometimes it's so strong I even wait for all the cars in the left lane to go (thus holding up traffic in my lane) so I can make that non scheduled turn.  So who's driving my car? Me or my destiny?  Does anyone else have these kinds of thoughts, or just me? What about these strange, unexplained last minute decisions? Anyone have those? Maybe I'm spending too much time around death...


  1. This is so bizarre. I just had a very similar conversation with my Dad. If I get stuck behind a slow driver when I am late for something, are they slowing me down for a reason? If I was speeding along would I be plowed into by a dump truck running a red light? Was an accident just avoided?!!

  2. You could go mad thinking these thoughts! I have these sort of thoughts all the time, well if I don't nip them in the bud anyway. I always go with my gut instinct, thing is you'll probably never know if you've just saved yourself from an unpleasant, unexpected experience, or if it means nothing at all. All I know is when I've gone against my gut instinct it's always led to something I would rather have avoided (like a car accident). So, keep following your destiny of last minute decisions I say!