Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Time

Last week I applied for a new (additional) position in my life.  I heard back today that I've been invited to jump through the first hurdle on Tuesday evening.  I'm not going to write about what the position is at this point, because I'm not certain I can (only two people know about it).  But if I make it through these upcoming hurdles, I'm looking at more schooling and training.  I'm almost shocked to say that I'm looking forward to more education!  Is this strange insight something that has come with age??

I really have my fingers crossed that I will find success with this endeavour.  It's a role I think I could be pretty decent at and look forward to something new and different, and even a little out of my comfort zone. Once I learn if I can 'talk' about it loosely, I'll fill you all in on this potential new chapter for me.

I'll take all the luck you have to offer, my lovelies.


  1. You can do what ever you put your mind to. Good luck Darlin'.

  2. Go for it! Very exciting. I am applying for a new job, too. Time for a change.

  3. Good stuff! So did you find out if your allowed to talk about this freely?

  4. Not yet! I just had my actual interview yesterday. Fingers are crossed.