Sunday, February 23, 2014

Elegant Fridge Magnets

I can tell that Spring is around the corner since I'm starting to jones a little for garage sale season to begin.  I even spent one day this week cleaning out my craft area and taking a mental inventory of what I have waiting to be transformed.  I mostly just wish that I could blink my eyes and shit I want done will be done, but Eric isn't good at getting the projects I have in mind started, much less finished.  I sometimes wish I was so much handier with tools.  One day...I keep telling myself.

So for the time being I found a cute little craft, that was more simple than I should even bother to state, to tie me over until I can move on to other projects.  That being said, this is a project I`ll probably do again and again.  I figure the supplies will be so much cheaper when purchased at a garage sale rather than a thrift store.

I ventured out on a mission for gawdy goodness and somewhat succeeded.  I purchased myself seven brooches between Goodwill and Value Village.  They ranged anywhere from $2-5 bucks.  Like I said, pretty certain I'll score better deals with a garage sale, but I didn't really want to wait.  I then sought out some button magnets at a local dollar store and found great success!  They were about 10x cheaper here than at Michael's for the exact same thing.  The rest of the stuff, I had.

I used those green thingy's to cut the straight pin contraption off the back of each brooch.  Far, FAR easier than I was anticipating.  Get yourself one of those cutter things.  Definitely worth the investment.  Then I applied some Gorilla Glue to the back of each brooch and affixed the appropriate sized magnet.  After a few hours (though to be safe I left them over night) they were fulfilling an entirely new purpose!

Now they hold up amazing comics that sum up life in my house purr-fectly.  They also make super cute little gifts too for those girly-girls in your life.  I've already given one away.   So if you must clutter up your fridge with papers and magnets, do it in style!