Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Initial Feature

As most of my readers know, I posted a 'tutorial' of sort on how to make an ornament letter "wreath-like-thing" a few weeks ago.  Well, I was invited to share that posting on a crafting blog for so many others to see!  I'm not sure why validation from 'real crafters' means anything to me, but it sure does.  I still struggle to label myself as a 'real crafter'.  I don't think I've earned it yet.

So my point of this posting is to invite you to check out my feature on Anne's page:  Creative Life Blog. Perhaps you can find some inspiration to create your own initial art work.  Today's my feature day!  But, it's also important for me to thank Anne for thinking my craft was worthy enough to include in her 31 days of Letters, craft ideas.  And if you are here visiting from Anne's page, drop me a message or subscribe and follow.  A party is so much more fun when there are more people attending.

Thanks Anne and thanks to everyone for your kind words about my crafting projects.  They are fun to do and your praise makes them even more rewarding.

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