Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Balloon Release

My brother has a blog now...(I might have posted this already).  His blog is a place for him to post his photos.  He's taken up photography and is becoming better and better as time passes and with each photo he takes. Much of his captured moments are breathtaking. 

My dad enjoyed photography as well and he is probably the inspiration behind Geoff picking up a camera for reasons other than just being a proud parent.  My dad dabbled but never really pursued it with the same zest that Geoff has.  Geoff, ideally I think, would love to be able to make a career out of it. 

Anyway the point of this post is simply to share with you two photos that he happened to capture at just the right moment.  I adore these photos. 

Thank you for these Geoff.  She is one of his favourite people (as well as mine) and he of course if one of my favourite people.  A pause from the continuous busyness that normally is this duo, captured with the, split second, click of a shutter.

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